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On Moldeo

Moldeo is an open-source platform that allows the experimentation of new technologies in computer graphics, artistic and scientific concepts. It lets you create interactive environments with video, animations (2d and 3d) and digital effects in real time.

With a large module and filter catalog -live drawing, particles, video edition and post-production-, Moldeo is a cross-platform option for the creation of real-time environments, without having to wait the long wait times of renderers.

This technology can be used for:

  • creation of visual environments in theater productions, visual performances or any other space where a real-time visual component might be needed.
  • development of interactive installations such as interactive floors, interactive walls.
  • development of visual effects such as laser tags.

The main use of Moldeo is the development of multimedia experiences in different performing spaces; such as theaters, installations and events. The interpretation and improvisation concepts are embedded in Moldeo, since this tool lets the artist "play" the images and multimedia components in real-time in the same way an artist plays an instrument.

Open Source development

The objective of this project is to develop an open source development tool for the development of enviroments composed of video, images and 3d animations. This tool, named Moldeo, can use different sources such as live video or information through the web. These multimedia elements can be mixed and sent as output to different devices, such as projectors and screens.

* Multiplatform (OSX, Windows, Linux )
* Multiplatform GUI to design and operates in realtime ( based on wxWidgets )
* Multiple 3d layer rendering system
* Full OpenGL support ( based on opengl 2.0 ) with full shaders management
* Strongly Object Oriented, you don't have to deal with C++ encrypted syntaxis
* Full plugin architecture
* Inter-connectable objects ( every plugins has Inlets, Outlets to build complex effects behavour and interactive patches )
* Scripting
* Documented API
* Multiplatform resources managers based on mature OpenSource developments, ...extendables by plugins
* FileManager ( based on Boost.ASIO )

NetManager ( based on Boost.ASIO, tcp-udp file streaming )
TextureManager ( based on FreeImage and OpenGL )
VideoManager ( based on GStreamer and FreeImage )
SoundManager ( based on GStreamer and OpenAL )
RenderManager ( based on OpenGL, FrameBuffer's and Shaders )
GLManager ( based on OpenGL )
MathManager ( based on muParser, parses in realtime functions ... optimized functions )
ScriptManager ( based on Lua , each plugin can be handled by a simple script, direct access to full C++ optimized functions )

Plugins Strong Hierarchy

Pluggable & Drawables

PreEffects (first layers)
Effects ( arbitrary layers )
PostEffects ( last layers )
MasterEffects ( can control other effects ( scenes, sequences, timelines ) )

Pluggable & Not Drawables
IODevices ( interfaces (keyboard, mouse, joystick, midi, serial, netoscin, netoscout ) )
Resources ( resources (3d objects, files, etc...) )